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Project Management for Pharmaceutical & Biotech

Productivity Can Change Lives

Literally, all of the clients we’ve worked with in the Pharmaceutical and Biotech industry have been on a mission to change people’s lives. Each will spend staggering sums of money and nearly incalculable hours all in service of helping patients overcome sickness and pain, live longer, and lead better, healthier lives.

Because of the time, money, and energy that goes into bringing a drug to market safely, working efficiently is an absolute necessity.

With the right systems, teams can keep schedules on track, reduce mistakes, and get their solutions for patients to market, faster. Beyond that, with a guarantee of a heavy workload and an abundance of meetings, teams need a way to manage their current workload and new requests in order to appropriately allocate resources, and prioritize projects.

Heavily regulated industries also come with the additional challenges of dealing with compliance and managing permissions, so that sensitive information is always treated appropriately.

All too often, the responsibility for integrating effective productivity tools and practices falls on IT, over-committed team leaders, or the individual.

And this is where we come in.

Why Choose Super Productive for Pharma & Biotech?

Specialized Consulting & Training for Pharma & Biotech

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The Productivity Department

We are a full service productivity consultancy that can work with teams across your organization to implement various productivity frameworks and practices. We meet people where they are, and ensure that everyone has what they need to be more productive, engage with their work, and thrive.

Because Nothing just works "out-of-the-box"

Strategically Designed Systems

An effective productivity system needs to be built according to your goals and ways of working . Anything else will fail to help a team reach its true potential. 

We start every build with inquiry and then customize every project plan, template, or workspace according to your unique needs.

One-on-One or Group and basic to Ultra-Advanced

Customized & Flexible Training

We offer lots of different training programs. Some people are just getting started on their productivity journey. Others are looking to learn some new tricks, or push their productivity into overdrive. No matter where someone is, we can meet them where they are. Our programs can be customize by length, depth, skill level, or area of focus. 

We have all of the tools to transform anyone into a more productive person.

Where does the time go? We can tell you.

Workload Management

It’s no use assigning work to a person or team that is already over capacity. We take a two-tier approach to workload management building in both quantitative and qualitative functions. Managers need to understand both what is currently on a person or team’s plate and how they feel about their workload in order to effectively introduce new work.

We help organizations gain visibility across the entire workforce including contractors and full time employees.

Save Time and Money. Reduce Errors.

Time-Saving Automation

Beyond the time saved from leveraging automation, perhaps the most important reason for Pharma and Biotech companies to use automation is to reduce errors. By removing the human element for heavily process-driven and rule-based work, we’re able to reduce the risk of things falling through the cracks.

In an environment where errors can be extremely costly, it’s essential to leverage the power of automation to tighten up workflows whenever possible.

We Do What you need?

Pharma & Biotech project management consulting

Here are just some of the services we provide our Pharma and Biotech clients.

Cross-Functional Project Management

Silo destroying systems to improve collaboration across the org

Workload & Resource Management

Deep insights into both team and individual capacity

Operations & Workflow Automation

Virtually eliminate repetitive tasks while reducing errors

Workforce Training & Development

Neuroinclusive training to help everyone level up their productivity

Reporting, Dashboards, & Business Intelligence

See the real story about how work gets done and when it doesn't

Governance, Compliance, & Process Documentation

Document how everything works and how it should be used

License Management

We distribute, manage, and track new licenses for Asana, Monday, etc, so that you don't have to.

Permission Management

We make sure that everyone sees what they're supposed to -- and nothing more

Knowledge Management

Your project management tool is a treasure trove of data, we organize it, and make it searchable.

Are you ready to become Super Productive?