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Every day, across the country, there is someone at work who is autistic and suffering. The years of trauma have left them too scared to ask for what they need for fear of seeming like a burden or a problem. They often feel their needs are invisible to others, so they try to blend in and become invisible.

Every day, there is someone with ADHD, Bipolar Disorder, PTSD, or Dyslexia who is struggling with an assignment, who others have labeled as “lazy,” “checked out,” or other labels that are even worse. They got by, for a while, but could only keep the mask up for so long. Now, they feel embarrassed and ashamed

Yet, at the same time, these same people are waiting for their chance to shine. In the wrong environment, they hide their gifts. Deep down, they want the chance to show everyone that just because they are different, doesn’t mean they’re wrong. They want people to see that what makes them different is actually their hidden superpower.

We want to help teams everywhere see what it takes to create an environment where everyone feels seen, where everyone feels safe enough to ask for what

they need, and where everyone trusts that they can be their beautiful, messy selves

That’s the recipe for an amazing culture and one where people can accomplish extraordinary things, together.

About Brains @ Work

Brains @ Work is a two-speaker keynote.

Sarah Ohanesian and Jeff Gibbard share the stage to deliver a unique keynote, and workshop series about the invisible power of neurodiversity at work. Combining big ideas and tangible takeaways with a unique blend of personality and theatrics, this one-of-a-kind performance could only be delivered by Jeff and Sarah. 

Sarah Ohanesian grew up a hard working girl from the actions midwest. She was a good student, knew how to play within the rules, and excelled throughout her life.

As a former CMO, understands managing a team and getting things done. Along the way, she has developed strategies for managing all different types of personalities.

In 2020, after a decade of knowing one another, she and Jeff joined forces to build Super Productive, and it was there that they discovered the hidden power of neurodiversity to accomplish extraordinary things.

Jeff Gibbard grew up with all the classic labels applied to a kid with ADHD. He was “lazy,” “undisciplined,” but also “a really smart boy…if he could just apply himself and sit still.”

And so began Jeff’s rebellion against authority and the birth of his entrepreneurial spirit. Over the years,
Jeff took his various passions and high energy into many endeavors including podcasting, authoring a book, and running his own social media agency.

But it wasn’t until after being acquired and going back out on his own that Jeff realized the keys to success were in the hands of one of his first clients, Sarah Ohanesian

The Keynote



If You Judge a Fish by Its Ability to Climb a Tree, It Will Live Its Whole Life Believing that It is Stupid.”

Yet, that’s exactly how too many organizations operate, and who benefits? No one.

What if you could tap into each person’s unique abilities? What if you could change the way you operate so that each person could stay in their zone of genius? In short, what if we stopped judging all of those fishes who can’t climb trees?

In this keynote, we shine the light on something that is virtually invisible in most companies: neurodiversity. Brains @Work is a new way to think about structuring your work environment to create deeper employee engagement, more cohesive cultures, and vastly improved productivity.

This talk isn’t just a model for creating thriving environments that are neuroinclusive. It’s actually a model for creating inclusive environments across every dimension and intersection of a person’s identity.


WORKSHOP #1: communication

In this workshop, we facilitate necessary conversations for teams to boldly share their unfiltered thoughts about communication preferences and preferred boundaries. 

From “I don’t like email” to “I prefer face-to-face conversations,” we uncover the hidden communication barriers that might be holding your team back from making space for all brain types. 

At the end of this workshop, each attendee will be equipped with their own productivity user guide, systems, and tools to bring their best self to work. And teams are empowered to deploy these strategies in the future when finding the best way to collaborate so that everyone benefits.


Whether your team is fully remote, hybrid, or in-person, creating a productive environment for every team member is crucial for overall job satisfaction – and your bottom line. 

In this session, we dive deep into the strengths and weaknesses of each environment and how different work styles can be supported in each one. 

We deconstruct managerial micromanagement and focus on maximizing productivity for the individual – ultimately benefiting your entire team.


How one person relates to time can be drastically different from another, leading to conflict and unmet expectations. 

Unlike other time management workshops that promote one-size-fits-all systems, this workshop flips the traditional narrative of productivity on its head. 

We walk through the various ways individuals relate to time and provide practical tips on how to work on a team with different workflows and schedules

WORKSHOP #4: roles

Is how you write your job descriptions conducive to attracting and retaining top talent? 

Are you equipped to deviate from traditional job roles to embrace an individual’s unique zone of genius?

In this workshop, we explore how to build a team of productive geniuses where each individual is empowered to work to their strengths, have the freedom to innovate, and find fulfillment in their work.